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Music Strobe

Music Strobe

by A-App developer


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Music Strobe
Music Strobe

Music Strobe light blinks by the music beat. Blinking party lights & LED strobe.

Blinking color party lights and LED strobe light. Music Strobe is a must have at any party!

Install stroboscope on every phone and have fun with color strobe lights and led flashing lights!

Use the strobe lights at home disco party, in a nightclub or on your favorite band concert. Surprise your friends with bright color strobing lights and blinking led flashing lights!

***** Music Strobe Its amazing! I love how it goes with the beat of the music plus it has flashing lights on the screen too! (Jordan Orso)
***** Love this app I use it as safety light when i walk.. Cars see me coming. (Anonymous)
***** Pretty cool I Really fun app to play with if you enjoy music and blinding strobe lights. ( Drew Zapfe )
***** Really works Works so amazingly, I love to turn off all the lights and lay down and listen to music with this on, it's so cool to watch. ( Chuck Greenwood )
***** Great App This app was everything that I wanted it to be, very in time with all genre's of music, love the sensitivity control.. over all fantasticly developed. ( Grayson Langford )

This is a real reviews about the stroboscope! Leave a comment and tell the world how do YOU use the Music Strobe lights blink!

Music Strobe Light Must Have Features:
• Screen color lights stroboscope blinks with random or the selected color strobe lights.
• LED strobe light (blinks with a locked screen too!)
• Catches the music beat by microphone and blink
• Flexible strob sensitivity (1-100) based on the music beat volume

How to use Music Strobe party lights:
1. Press START (big gray button on the bottom of the screen). It gets green.
2. The buttons under screen and LED pictures should be set "ON" for screen music light bright colors blink and LED flashing lights blinking (if you have a LED flash).
3. Turn on the music or make fun noises by yourself for music lights blink test.
4. You can choose the preferable stroboscopic blinking sensitivity by swiping up and down (0-100) and catch the beat.
5. You can choose the random strobe light color or preferable party lights color by clicking on the button on the top right corner. Strobelight will blink from the sound volume (so the music beat).

Enjoy the led disco lights strobelight! Or set different bright colors on your friends devices and have a great disco music partying.

Thanks for the great reviews about Music Strobe and +1 in Google+! Your support is inspiring to make the coolest party lights app!

* Caution! Strobe light LED music blinks can be harmful to the eyes and cause epileptic seizures!