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Music Player

Music Player

by Dragedy Inc


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Music Player
Music Player
Music Player
Music Player
Music Player

Best Free Music Player!
* Music Player is a powerful mp3 music player and other audio music player with powerful equalizer, quick search all music files, custom background skin theme.
* Music player is based on artists or albums, and the folder structure. Music Player will guide you find all the music files in seconds. 
* The unique equalizer make your music sounds more professional. You are free to control the music style.

Key Features:

+ Beautiful Circular seekbar.
+ This is a simple but powerful music player, you can install and listen the songs now! 
+ Music player, songs player, audio player, mp3 player etc. Play all your audio!
+ Support all the most popular music file formats.
+ Quick search - Search for your music quickly.
+ Play music - Play music by song, artist, album or playlist.
+ Easy navigation - One touch to navigate in your music player.
+ Playlists - Build and edit your songs into playlists.
+ Party shuffle - Shuffle your music.
+ Albums - View beautiful album art in your music player.
+ Notification control - Control music from notifications.
+ Play queue - View upcoming music.

This Music app features the most modern yet classical interface.The style of this Music app is simply elegant.
It lets you manage your music very easily and effectively with Multi -select option to play the songs and now there is an option to manage your music via folder view as well. This music Player supports mp3, wav ,flac and many other such audio formats.

Listen to your favorite music on the most elegant and beautiful user interface. Control the sound of the songs with a power and beautiful 5 band equalizer. It is based on artists ,albums, songs, playlist etc.(Supporting wav , mp3, flac and many other such formats). The perfect animations and minimalist design has a soothing effect on you.

We will be upgrading the UI of the lock screen and will improve the equalizer as we have been requested to do so. We will also improve the playlist feature and make it more intuitive. Currently you can add songs to a playlist and add it to the now playing list. You can even multi select songs to add it to now playing list and save it to a playlist of your choice.

We are working on the app to provide you with genre view as well as improving lock screen controls. You can totally create new playlist too from the now playing list and album,songs,artist screen. Using this music player, you can create playlist very easily. Play songs from where ever you want,like song list album list,artist list,playlist etc.