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Murder Mansion

Murder Mansion

by JKJK Games


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  • Murder Mansion
  • Murder Mansion
  • Murder Mansion
  • Murder Mansion
  • Murder Mansion
  • Murder Mansion
A group of netizens that met online decided to meet in real life to explore an infamous mansion at the back roads of Somapah Road. Unbeknownst to them, one netizen had plotted this meeting to carry out a time constrained game of homicide. Murder Mansion is a 2D multiplayer role playing game that can host between 2 to 6 players. The game revolves around 2 roles: the Civilian and the Murderer, each having unique abilities, items, and weapons. Your objective is to try to survive the perils of the mansion as a civilian, or execute your scheme to put the F in Fear as the murderer. This role playing game involves cooperation between the civilians to survive the night, and strategical movements by the murderer to keep the civilians trapped in forever. Every match will be a different experience for the player. Experience the thrills of playing for either faction, riddled with surprise and suspense at every corner. The game provides a fully immersive experience, and it is highly recommended to play this game with earphones on in a dark room. So, join your friends online for the nights of your lives, and don't forget to bring your guts along!

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