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by Vundurty


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  • Mr.ClimTree
  • Mr.ClimTree
  • Mr.ClimTree
  • Mr.ClimTree
  • Mr.ClimTree
Use your skills to be the best. Mr.ClimTree is an infinite runner that makes you more and more competitive to beat the other players. The game is simple, help Mr.ClimTree to climb trees by jumping onto the branches. The game consists of two modes, Easy - one point by jumping onto each branch. Hard - four points by jumping onto each branch. Instructions: Easy - climb as high as possible to score the best. Hard - climb as high as possible to score the best. Also, there is a 'jumpstrength' bar provider on top of the screen, the more it fills the more player can jump but be careful, jumping onto a branch with high force may brake it. Controls: Easy - Touch the screen to jump and tilt left or right to move. Hard - Touch, hold and release on the screen to jump, and tilt left or right to move. Scoring: Score one point by jumping onto each branch in easy mode, while score four points by jumping onto each branch in hard mode. Eat a carrot to score 20 points. Tamp barnacle to score 30 points. Escape from Honey Bee to score 50 points. Features: Leaderboards for best scores and total scores. Achievements. Compete and compare your best and top scores with other players on leaderboards and achievements. Tips: Hold the phone with both hands. The game is easy to think but I don't think its easy to play. Let's see who can make the best score ever.

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