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mp3 music player

mp3 music player

by Bhuvana Deepa


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  • mp3 music player
  • mp3 music player
  • mp3 music player
  • mp3 music player
  • mp3 music player

• MP3 Music Player is a powerful MP3 Audio Player with excellent UI and easy to use.
• MP3 Music Player is the best music player for Android phones. Play your favorite Mp3 and others files with style.
• MP3 Music Player will guide you easily to find all the music in your phone.
• Stylish, Powerful and Fast Music Player with elegant design. MP3 Music Player lets you manage all your music files quickly and easily.
• This audio player supports almost all types of mp3, midi, wav, flac raw aac files and other audio formats. 
• Easily browse and play music songs by genres, albums, artists, songs and folder.

• Beautiful user interface
• Plays any audio file format including Mp3 files
• Advanced features such as Albums, Artists, Genres and playlists
• Play any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode
• Play any song, any time on any device--mobile, tablet, or your computer
• Enjoy amazing sound quality.
• Music Library wide search. Find all your music never been so easy.
• Custom Playlist
• Plays mp3, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ogg, wma*, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff (* some wma pro files may require NEON support)
• Replay gain
• Plays songs from folders and from own library
• Dynamic queue
• Library scan
• Headset support, automatic Resume on headset and/or BT connection (can be disabled in settings)

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