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Mozart 2 Pro

Mozart 2 Pro

by RoGame Software


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  • Mozart 2 Pro
  • Mozart 2 Pro
  • Mozart 2 Pro
  • Mozart 2 Pro
  • Mozart 2 Pro
Learn how to read music in a game. Five minutes here - five minutes there and your reading will improve dramatically. Mozart is a program designed to aid in the process of learning how to read music. It does that in form of a game. Once the game is started via the toolbar a stream of whole notes comes streaming from the right side of the screen. These notes have to be named in the order of their appearance with the current input instrument (i.e. piano). Once a note gets too close to the clef on the left side of the screen it disappears in a cloud of vapor and the player loses one life. For each note named in time the player gets one point or more depending on level. The further the game progresses the more notes will appear in this steady stream and their range will widen to potentially include many ledger lines above and below the staff. Once a player has depleted all his lives the game is over and he might receive a high score. Mozart 2 introduces half and quarter notes, new game characters and updated graphics. It comes with 128 instrument sounds, improved clef handling and missed note highlighting. Level range and instrument pitch are now shown in music notation. The Pro version includes 11 instruments, a new feature that allows repeating the previous game and supports playing the game with a class-compliant MIDI keyboard. Designed for the beginning musician as well as the student or professional, Mozart is an excellent tool towards better reading in 12 minor and major keys, practicing Solfege, unfamiliar keys, clefs or just to have fun while learning. Instruments • Letters (C, D, E), Solfège (Do, Re, Mi) • Banjo, Bass, Cello, Double Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Viola, Violin Features • Very intuitive interface • All major and minor keys • All common clefs • Supports movable and fixed Do • Adjustable tuning for all string instruments • Support for left-handed players • Half-speed mode for beginners • Top ten list Want to see what else Mozart can do? Do check out the Mozart documentation: http://rogame.com/d/ios/mozart.html

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