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Movie Collector

Movie Collector

by nonet.studio


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  • Movie Collector
  • Movie Collector
  • Movie Collector
  • Movie Collector
  • Movie Collector
  • Movie Collector
  • Movie Collector

Play and collect movies to watch!

On a movie night with your family or friends and don`t know what to watch? Play Movie Collector!

Jump, collect popcorn and movie collectibles. Collected movies are saved in your Movie Box so you can easily see your movie list anytime in the game. Tap on a movie in your Movie Box to see its details like: Title, Rating, Release Date, and Synopsis.

Don`t know what to watch? Open your Movie Box and start surfing through your list! Just remember: play as much as possible to collect or unlock as many movies in your list as you can.

You can also use your popcorn to unlock a random movie! Wow!

Sign in to Google Play to compare high scores with your friends as well as many future benefits.

Warning: Hard, but addictive to play. 
Try to set the highest score among your friends and expand your Movie Box with as many movies as possible!

How to play:
Tilt to move left or right. Pray.
Watch out for exploding clouds, storm clouds, black holes and overly attached fans that want your autograph or throw bombs at you!
Good luck!

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