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Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D

Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D

by Kids Fun World


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  • Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D
  • Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D
  • Mountain Sniper Shooting 3D
Ordered has been received from head quarter to sent you to main battle field. Last day, enemy has captured main mountains bases which are important strategic positions. Enemy can now hit our main land routes and even cut our logistic which is dangerous for our soldiers on frontline. You will serve as a covert mountain sniper shooter. You have to covertly kill all the enemies. There are nine bases which have to be recovered from enemies at any cost. It is a great opportunity for soldiers like you to show best mountain sniper shooting skills to reclaim your territory. Addictive, challenging gameplay with complex missions. Eliminate all the enemy logistics and soldiers while shooting. Difficult level is always high in mountains sniper missions. You have to give perfect sniper shots to remain covert. Try as many head shots possible to quickly kill enemies. Huge mountain distance with limited time to clear the areas is the main constraint, try to be covert and do not come under enemy fire they are huge in amount with advanced weapons. For clearing all the missions of mountain sniper shooting 3d you need never ending courage and undisputed will. Gains control of all areas back and give strong message to world that you can defend your motherland. Best of luck for mountain sniper missions.

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