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Moto Rider Traffic

Moto Rider Traffic

by Pococo Games


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  • Moto Rider Traffic
  • Moto Rider Traffic
  • Moto Rider Traffic
  • Moto Rider Traffic
  • Moto Rider Traffic
  • Moto Rider Traffic
Amazing motorcycle game now free for your android devices! Real motorcycle driving experience, different motorcycle styles(classic - racing - enduro), 3 character options, high quality 3D motorcycle and environmental graphics and much more... This is an endless road. You must rely on your reflexes and your ability against you may encounter varied curves, vehicles and overtakes on the road. Moreover, you must do that with motorcycles which have different characters. You should try to get “the power-ups” which you may encounter and should collect plenty of “coins”. With the coins you collect can buy a new motorcycle and you can enhance your power-ups. You can compete with your friends to make you score and you can show them how a good motorcycle driver you are! THE FEATURES OF THE GAME - Different motorcycle and character options. - Quality and optimized 3D graphics. - Easy controls with button&accelerometer options - Amusing and fascinating game structure - Motorcycle models and color options that can cater to your taste - Upgradable power-ups - Scores fight with your friends on Facebook - Useful menu structure - Free new tools and features which will be added in the future

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