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Monkey Adventure

Monkey Adventure

by Barbarian Monkey


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  • Monkey Adventure
This is a journey full of dangers. You may meet different obstacles and enemies! You need to collect as much bananas as possible! Some bananas are hidden that will take you a lot of time to find! Just explore the whole map! It’s not so easy to find all the bananas! You must be easily attracted by the vivid colorful scenes! The control is simple- just press ← → ↑ ↓to control the little monkey to move! Once you press ↑, the monkey will fly over the forest! Loose the button and it will drop onto the land and continue running! How to deal with the multiple traps and enemies? The flying machine will be your secret weapon! Just go through the barriers, get the bombs and blow up stones to get the key to the final level! 40 levels for you to pass! The more levels you pass, the more powerful enemies you will meet! Be careful and you will live long! The splendid and lifelike forest scenes will bring you super visual effects and simple one-button control can lead you to the journey of forest! The key skill of this game is to keep the power of flying and to use inertia well. Very huge challenge for your reaction and ability! Just join the topic of player’s club! Feel the super fun of flying in the forest like Tarzan! You can also play this free game anywhere without wifi! ★Features★: ★★★★★Totally free gameplay ★★★★★Exciting adventure ★★★★★Delicate images & scenes ★★★★★Aero monkey’s amazing journey Please visit our site: http://barbarianmonkey.com

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