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Mobile Bizdex

Mobile Bizdex

by Sahar Gull


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Mobile Bizdex

Mobile Bizdex is a business card app with a multi-media social messaging service that allows people to share their business profile and updates with contacts/customers easily. Exchanging business cards is a part of daily business activities but helping your contacts to keep your up-to-date information on their fingertips when they are needed is a daunting task. Not only Mobile Bizdex allows people to share their profile data with others but also it is a great contact management tool to help people to remember important things for their contacts. With Mobile Bizdex people eliminate the effort and time for their contacts to enter or scan the business card information manually. It also allows people to post any messages to their contacts to help them to directly and intimately communicate with their contacts or customers. The types of the messages are news, announcements, press releases, videos, pictures, events, promotions, special deals, etc. Users can control the display or expiration of the posted messages as well as the targeted recipients of the messages like all your contacts or a group of contacts.