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Missile Escape

Missile Escape

by Kolibri Studio


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Missile Escape
Missile Escape
Missile Escape
Missile Escape
Missile Escape
Missile Escape
Missile Escape
Missile Escape

Missile Escape is a simple, fast paced and addictive 2D game where your mission is to dodge all homing missiles that comes towards you with one single objective: shoot you down!

Use the simple control to fly your plane and avoid the missiles. Make them collide with each other and collect stars to increase final score.

Missile Escape features:
 - Addictive gameplay;
 - Control the plane touching left and right portions of your device's screen;
 - Collect stars to increase the final score;
 - Make the missiles collide with each other to increase final score;
 - Survive as long as possible to stay at the top;
 - If one or both wings of the airplane has been hit, you can try to pick up the Tool powerup icon to fix your plane and win a second chance;
 - Collect Energy Shield power-up icon to increase your chances against the missiles;
 - Single engine and jet planes available;
 - Compete with other players on Apple Game Center / Google Play Leaderboards;
 - 30 levels with 3 objectives each! Challenge yourself and try to beat them all;
 - Free casual game, supported by ads.

New Game Mode!
 - In Checkpoint Mode the clock runs against you! Collect stars to gain extra time and survive as long as you can! Check it out!

Missile Escape: Escape if you can!

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