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mirror pro

mirror pro

by Bhuvana Deepa


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Mirror Pro is an excellent Mobile Mirror app which will help you have Mirror handy in your mobile.

Mirror Pro is purely designed for people who use mirror more often and who tend to forget real mirror.
There are many Mirror apps in the play store but many of them are with basic features like just open a front camera and show you. But Mirror Pro has lot of features just designed for you to have Closer look, Brighter Look and clear look of your body parts.

Mirror Pro is very well designed with lot of features like Zoom In and Zoom Out to have better and closer look of body parts. Also Brightness increase and decrease to have clear visibility in the dark. Also you can freeze the image and pinch and zoom to see unclear spots on your face. You can also take a picture of your image and save it in Mirror gallery.

Mirror Pro is very helpful when you don’t have real mirror with you. This mobile mirror will help you when you want put Make Up on your Face, when you want to put your Contact Lenses, when you want to Shave your Beard or Trim your hair or comb your hair etc.

Features of Mirror Pro: 
1. Zoom In, Zoom Out, Exposure Controls 
2. Brightness Increase, Decrease Controls.
3. Freeze image to have closure and clear look. 
4. On Screen image Zoom controls 
5. Click to take a picture and save it in Mirror Gallery.
6. Simple to use.

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