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Mindfulness for Children - Meditations for Kids

Mindfulness for Children - Meditations for Kids

by Jannik Holgersen


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  • Mindfulness for Children - Meditations for Kids
  • Mindfulness for Children - Meditations for Kids
  • Mindfulness for Children - Meditations for Kids



A parent’s and teacher’s delight! Beautifully spoken meditation exercises aimed specifically at children! 

This App provides step by step easy to follow audio instructions on how to meditate.
A great tool for teaching mindfulness meditation to children.

Mindfulness for Children provides relaxing sounds of nature to help children calm down and improve focus/concentration. A calm, reassuring voice gives step by step audio instructions on how to meditate. With descriptions and terms aimed at children, users are taken through body scans, visualizations and breathing exercises.

The meditations is developed by Pia Holgersen, Psychomotor Therapist with expertise in relaxation technique, and the App is originally created in Denmark. Schools in Denmark use these meditations with great success and Mindfulness For Children is recommended by several danish child psychologists.

Mindfulness for Children will help children to relax and will enhance feelings of contentment. It can be used for a general relaxation, or as a teaching resource and is suitable for children from the age of five and up.


• Four deeply relaxing meditations between 4 and 16 minutes long: "Inner place", "Connecting your breathing, body, thoughts and feelings", "Body scan" and "Finding peace".

• Goodnight and sleep meditation 24 minutes long. This bedtime meditation comes in four different versions. 

• Hand-picked high-quality sounds of nature for relaxing, falling asleep, and staying asleep.

• All audio's feature high quality professional recording techniques.

• Perry Anne Norton's beautiful calm reassuring voice guiding you and your child into a completely relaxed state of mind & body. 

• All audio's feature high quality professional recording techniques.

Here’s a small sampling of what people say about Mindfulness for Children : 

* * * * * ”In our family, it was an instant hit with my daughter, aged 6. Brilliant. She asks for it herself, also the waves, especially when going to bed. So thanks a lot for this app.”

* * * * * ”We find it very good and useful. One of Jana’s teachers is planning to use it in class. I put on the sound of the waves the other day. Jana fell asleep very quickly – and so did her mother, that’s how effective it was. “

* * * * * “My son is ten (he’s got ADHD – (ADD) and therefore also suffers from motorical and mental restlessness and hyperactivity) – he has used the app for two months and he is happy with it. It helps him to calm down when he is “speedy” or when he is mentally tired or too stimulated. And we also notice that it both helps with his physical restlessness (hyperactivity) but also can help mentally in guiding his thoughts in one direction instead of having them flying around. So in our family: Both our child and his parents recommend this app. “

Do you want more presence and harmony in your children and classroom ?
Try Mindfulness for Children - Meditations for kids Today!!!

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