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Microbe Lab Crush

Microbe Lab Crush

by hkustfrank


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  • Microbe Lab Crush
  • Microbe Lab Crush
  • Microbe Lab Crush
  • Microbe Lab Crush
Enjoy this Microbe World! Welcome to Microbe Lab. We have lots of microbes: red microbe, blue microbe, green microbe and super microbe! New Achievement System! Try to earn all rewards. It’s your time and your stage now. Whoever you are, “Microbe Lab Crush” will provide hours of fun add addictive gameplay to you. In each Level, you have limited Blocks. Remember that number, we need to earn enough score using These Blocks! Meanwhile, Microbe Lab Crush is one of the best-looking games of its genre which also runs smoothly on older devices. Objectives: Pushing Microbe blocks away from your beaker. You have limited blocks and you have to earn enough score to Upgrade Level. Tools: Double Pop. Time Add Machine. Ice Pop, Bomb Pop. Feature: 1. Easy game and more funny. However - hard to master! Can you store blocks enough to earn high score? 2. Well-designed levels, each one is amazing challenges! 3. User-friendly interface “Microbe Lab Crush” is one of exciting game for free. Once you play, you can't stop it. Enjoy this Microbe World. Get ready for this!

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