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Merry Christsmas Minesweeper

Merry Christsmas Minesweeper

by ImpactAR Games Entertainment


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  • Merry Christsmas Minesweeper
  • Merry Christsmas Minesweeper
  • Merry Christsmas Minesweeper
  • Merry Christsmas Minesweeper
  • Merry Christsmas Minesweeper
Minesweeper is a fun Christmas themed game known or minesweeper minesweeper but based on Christmas or year-end holiday period, New Year. Game features: - Minesweeper set in Christmas. - Sound effects and Christmas music. - Graphics Christmas. - Two languages ​​available (Spanish and English). - Three difficulty levels (Easy, Normal and Hard). - Environment set in the time of holidays game. - Background effect of snow and wind. Operation: To operate the game you simply click on any of the squares and discovering the same, if you want to place a flag must hold on second over the square and when you release your finger remained planted a flag. If you click on a mine you lose the game. It is a fun game for a fun family time playing the classic game of Minesweeper but with a Christmas atmosphere Christmas and classical music that will accompany you at all times. Do not forget that if this game is to your liking can qualify us and make Google +1 or follow us on our contact channels. This application has banner advertising and Google is adapted to the new policy Cookies for proper operation. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Impactar-Games-Entertainment/207468906074919 http://www.impactargames.com.ar/

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