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Memory: Animals

Memory: Animals

by Premium Software


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  • Memory: Animals
  • Memory: Animals
  • Memory: Animals
  • Memory: Animals
  • Memory: Animals
  • Memory: Animals
  • Memory: Animals
  • Memory: Animals
  • Memory: Animals
  • Memory: Animals

Memory: Animals - memory game for children and adults will help train your memory and ability to concentrate child and yours. Aligning images with animals in the game memory improves logical thinking. Pronounce of animal names by teachers in selected languages ​​promotes learning first words. 

Memory game "Memory" is a great workout supporting the intellectual development of children. Memory exercise is the perfect way to keep a efficient brain, which stimulated to regular job functions better every day.

If your child has learning problems, quickly distracted and unable to concentrate, you should encourage them to practice memory and concentration. To the child well developed and to has had excellent academic results, you will take care about the proper development of his memory. Playing memory with the pronunciation of animal names is also a great way to learn English.

Application properties:
● More than 140 animals,
● Learning first words,
● Pronounced names of animals by professional teachers
● Three difficulty levels suitable for children of all ages,
● Exploring sounds made by animals,
● Science and learning about animals
● Photos of real animals in HD
● Understandable and non-dispersible attention graphics,
● Support for over 37 languages,


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