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Mega Blaster

Mega Blaster

by Top Source Media


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Are you looking for a new, entertaining little game to load up when you’ve only got a couple minutes to spare? Well then you’re in luck, Mega Blaster is a brand new micro-game that allows you to blast endless waves of enemy debris to smithereens! You can ricochet your shots across the screen, aim for coins and power ups, and generally shoot your heart out in this bite-sized action app. Mega Blaster is minimalistic, colorful, fast-paced and yet still challenges the player to think strategically rather than just mindlessly spamming their shots. There’s a cartoon-esque feeling to the app as a whole, so much so that it looks like some friendly creatures might appear from the horizon. No luck, you’ll have to keep shooting at the sky, as the enemy fire won’t let up for even a second. During each round you’ll encounter various power-ups to upgrade your ammo and obliterate multiple enemies at once. You can ricochet your shots across the screen, or aim directly at the enemies, coins, and power ups. Be careful not to shoot the grim reaper though or you’ll instantly end the round through tumultuous self-destruction. Mega Blaster is a mega blast, but don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our fans have to say… ---------------------------------------- REVIEWS WE’VE RECEIVED ---------------------------------------- “Super fun, great design, and very addictive... Highly recommended, five stars all the way!” - YourAppReport.com [5/5] “Mega Blaster is a powerful little shooter that we definitely recommend!” –The iPhoneAppReview.com [5/5] "Fun game, incredibly addicting. I honestly got yelled at by my girlfriend because I was playing this instead of spending time with her. Thumbs up. Good job." -Master Chiefer [5/5] "Mega Blaster is one of those entertaining little games you load up when you only have a little time to spare. It's minimalistic, colorful, fast paced and yet challenges the player to think strategically rather than mindlessly spamming shots. The power ups are fun and unique and the coin collection mechanism adds a sense of progression, which is a feature I love to see for games like this. Really enjoyed playing! Kudos on a solid game." -Eslosh [4/5]

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