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Maze Slider

Maze Slider

by SoumiDelRio


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  • Maze Slider
  • Maze Slider
  • Maze Slider
  • Maze Slider
  • Maze Slider
  • Maze Slider
Maze Slider is a puzzle game where you have to slide a ball to a yellow portal by rotating blocks around it. * Plan your moves carefully to get the full stars reward and unlock next levels. * Use teleport portals, show/hide blocks and duplicate the ball to solve the puzzle in each level. * Build custom levels and share them with your friends. Maze Slider Features: - Easy controls: Use the two buttons on the bottom left/right corners of the screen or swipe the screen to the right/left in order to rotate blocks. - Solve different puzzles: In each level, there will be blocks to rotate, spikes to avoid, portals to go through, buttons to hide/show certain objects and one destination to go to. Mazes also come in different sizes. Whenever a new element is introduced, you will go through a simple tutorial to show you the effect of this new element. - Custom level editor: In Maze Slider, You have the ability to create your own custom maze level inside the game by arranging the objects in the way you like. Then, the editor will generate a code that you can share with your friends so they can play the level you've created or you can play their custom levels by entering the code they have. - Choose your style: Maze Slider comes with 3 different UI colors so you can choose whatever feels comfortable for you.

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