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Maze Mania 3D

Maze Mania 3D

by DaveS


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  • Maze Mania 3D
  • Maze Mania 3D
  • Maze Mania 3D
  • Maze Mania 3D
Explore and escape amazing looking 3D Mazes in first person view. Maze Mania 3D on of the best looking free Maze games available. Escape the Labyrinths or be lost forever. Run through the Labyrinths as fast as possible to reach the top of the leaderboard and challenge your friends and people from all around the world with your best time. Challenge your orientation exploring Labyrinths on top of windy mountain peaks or in scary dark tunnels. This game if free. Maze Mania 3D Features: - 14 hand crafted and amazing looking Labyrinths in 2 different worlds: Mountain Peaks and Dark Tunnels. (More comming soon) - Easy mode makes it easier to find the exit from far away. Note: Leaderboards and some Achievements are disabled in easy mode. - 3D first person view level exploration. - Highly Addicting Gameplay. - Enjoy amazing 3D HD graphics. - Atmospheric music and sound effects. - Switch Graphics settings to low if performance runs slow. Medium and High settings for more powerful android devices. - Google Play Leaderboards and Achievements. - It's free. How to Play: - Left joystick to make the character run. - Right joystick to look around / rotate. - You can jump onto / over rocks to peek over the walls and find the end of the Labyrinth faster. - Escape the Maze as fast as possible to get the best time. Can you escape? Or do you get lost? Try it and find out. Have fun :) Please remember to support the game by rating it, if you enjoy it ;) Thank you. Follow DaveS: -Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/114917449781708192359 -Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DaveS-Games/552300481556229 -Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dave_Sheep

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