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Math Quiz Dudu

Math Quiz Dudu

by dudu


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  • Math Quiz Dudu
  • Math Quiz Dudu
  • Math Quiz Dudu
  • Math Quiz Dudu
  • Math Quiz Dudu
_ This Calculator Dudu has been got Idea from math class. _ Game simulate the classroom with teacher and pupils. _ Pupil learn about simple math. _ Student will go to the board and doing exercises. _ Teachers will show how crush they are to marking pupil answer. _ Game will be more difficult when the score higher. _ The time for teacher marking the answer will reduce by each question. _ This is so funny and relax. Base on the real situation in daily life. _ This game focus on education for kid from 5 age. _ It will teach children do math faster and more crush. _ Game will show the statistic of wrong equation, so the college will learn from that point. ------------------------------------- GamePlay : _ This game made by Unity3d. _ This game is game2d. _ It is very simple. User just choose right or wrong for the answer on the screen. _ The score that user got will be the fast calculating mathematical in the game. _ Game had a leaderboard to see how fast you are. _ Game will note which equation that user often did wrong. It will make user remember more. _ The sound will make users have more feeling when they play this game. _ Images in game are cute. _ Users can invite their friend to play this game. --------------------------------------- _ Everything that you want to ask, please contact me on my email : ducanhtuvu@gmail.com

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