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Math Practice Worksheets

Math Practice Worksheets

by Inculcate


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Math Practice Worksheets
Math Practice Worksheets
Math Practice Worksheets
Math Practice Worksheets
Math Practice Worksheets

Math Practice Worksheets app is a versatile math exercise generator fully aligned with Common Core Math. It can generate hundreds of different math questions with answers categorized by standards for grade 1 up to grade 6. Exercises include word problems, arithmetic questions, geometric questions, algebraic thinking and problems with graphs. All categories of Common Core State Standards for Mathematics are covered in Math Practice.

Math Practice Worksheets app is useful for teachers, parents and students. Teachers can supplement their lectures by creating a fresh math question at a click on their cell phones or tablets. They can generate a quick quiz or a full set of exam questions (with answers) by selecting the type of the problems (categorized by common core codes, or textbook chapters). Prints can be taken quickly and distributed to students without answers. Answers are printed on a separate page. Answers can also be seen directly on cell phones or tablets by pointing the cell phone towards QR code printed in problem sheets. Exercises (with answers) are also saved automatically for future reference.

Math Practice Worksheets is a simple and engaging app, the first of its kind, which can also help parents to prepare their school going children to get better grades in math by nudging them to practice more. Math Practice generates math questions which are like those taught in schools.

Young students who have access to a mobile phone or a tablet can also use Math Practice for practicing more and enhancing their math skills.

The best way to use Math Practice is to take a printed sheet of a few math questions and ask your students or children to complete the exercise with a pencil. You can easily check the progress of students by matching their solutions with answers provided in a sheet, or by looking the answers in your cell phone pointed towards QR code of exercise sheet.

While the Math Practice Worksheets app is aligned with common core standards, it is equally useful to other math frameworks or syllabi world-wide. If your country or state is not aligned with common core math, you can select textbook classification in this app to generate useful exercises relevant for any math curriculum.