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Material App Manager

Material App Manager

by Mayr Technologies


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  • Material App Manager
  • Material App Manager
  • Material App Manager
App Ideas is a storage as well as a support for creative developers with ideas for apps and game in a beautiful Material Design. No matter where you are when the inspiration comes along, with this app you will not lose any ideas. Select a category, where the planned app belongs to, choose a name, describe the basic idea and save the base frame until you find the time to develop the project. App Ideas also offers you support your running projects. Changed your idea from the theoretical state into practical development, you have the ability to note individual subgoals as well as emerging bugs and work through it step by step and fix it. The development is divided into 2 stages, called Alpha and Beta, so after the first goals have been achieved, you send your app in the second phase and can register new features and bugs. Has your idea become a finished app, it is stored in the Release-folder. You can use App Ideas, made in beautiful material design for free up to four ideas. If you need more capicity, you can aquire the Pro-version. This is possible in two ways, which are explained to you in the menu of the free version.

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