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Match Parch

Match Parch

by Mehdi Ganjehzadegan


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in the name of god...hi...this game is created by mehdi ganjehzadegan and is a Fantastic game not real...short story about begin.... earth is full of Tyranny....all hearts is stone....all humen is at sad....time to die every thing.....time like everyday Passed...In Order That at (Future) exactly at Hour minute and Second 19:19:19 Arose odd Accidence...Globe earth by a Indistinctive power in space Fall down with high speed....reason of this Accidence is only heavy sad...heavy sad from only one men....his name is match parch....speed of fall earth is very high that Cause people and any live things Pitch on space with very high speed....even all water of sea and Oceans Pitch on space by this Dreadful fall down earth....then all people in world and all animal and all live thing at this odd Accidence was dead......but only one person is live and easly and without move is stand on earth....yes this is match parch...the only live...the only Creature in the all worlds....all sun and stars is dark....all light in the worlds is off...darkness is everthing and every were wthout any Wight in worlds....even match parch is too dead Because he was a men but now his Spirit convert to a only match parch....then you cant see any live thing....everything at this story is dead...this is a dead world...maybe you dont Belief...but its realy...there are no one here....story is exactly like befor Creation...like a time no one wasnt but only god was......now what happen for macth parch

world...created by god in big bang....and in the end this match with his fire with another big bang destroy world

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