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Match Me Up

Match Me Up

by Armogaste


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Match Me Up! is a small social application with a couple games to be shared with friends or new encounters. Today there are hundreds of social applications that are fairly impersonnal and creates walls before being able to meet a person directly. Sadly, all the immediate magic of an encounter, of the present moment, is lost. Meeting people without that magic spark has become industrialised :( With Match Me Up!, find this first new moment, this first interaction with a human being. It is enough to gather your courage, and to create this moment with a small challenge, a little game for two on your telephone. Match Me Up! is a perfect means to approach this mysterious unknown beauty or this handsome lad. With the assistance of one of the small challenges of the application, you will be able to have the perfect excuse to obtain a phone number, a tweet pseudonym, a facebook name, or even a small message. MMuP is the perfect way to spend time in public transports. It is also the ideal tool to remember those you have met. Once you've played a game, your opponent can leave you a message and if they see fit to it, a picture of themselves with the polaroid option of the application :)

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