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Master Frog Senpai

Master Frog Senpai

by blue gem


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Master Frog Senpai
Master Frog Senpai
Master Frog Senpai
Master Frog Senpai

Master Frog Senpai is an energetic game arcade. Want to see a ninja frog getting inflated like a balloon? Collect bonus points by catching flies. Play and train hard to achieve blue, red or even black belt! After playing long enough and having a decent skill you can become a ninja, a master or even a senpai! Jumping has never been so fun!

This game is all about how good you can jump. Reaching the next platform is a minimum. The real challenge is to make a perfect jump. Manage such a jump and you will receive bonus points. Catch a fly and you will receive double bonus points. These points can be used to unlock new costumes for the Master Frog Senpai.