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Master CPU Z

Master CPU Z

by Emma Joy


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Master CPU Z
Master CPU Z
Master CPU Z

Master CPU Z is the most amazing android application that reports android phone information. CPU Z app tells us about the device, battery and system information. CPU-Z is constantly monitoring your android phone performance and notifies you right away.
Device information:
App provides following important information of android device:
• Device name and model
• Screen size and resolution
• Serial number of device
• Total and free storage
• CPU number of cores 
Battery Information:
Master CPU Z application notifies the following battery information:
• Battery health and percentage of battery
• It tells us about battery technology
• Temperature of battery
• Battery capacity
• Voltage
• Status 
System information:
It shows following system information:
• Android version and API level
• It tells us about the X, Y, Z axis information
Master CPU Z application is the most powerful and useful app that provides you with all the information you need to know about your phone’s function and performance with the simple and sophisticated user interface. CPU Z is basically monitoring your android phone application down to system details, battery percentages, storage capacity etc. It alerts you to memory consumption and battery health of your mobile. Make the necessary changes by staying updated with your android phone information.
Features of Master CPU Z:
• Compatible with Android Devices
• Simpler User Interface
• No Need of Internet Connection
• Latest System and Batter Info