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Mary Puzzle (Mother of Jesus)

Mary Puzzle (Mother of Jesus)

by BetterAppz


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  • Mary Puzzle (Mother of Jesus)
  • Mary Puzzle (Mother of Jesus)
  • Mary Puzzle (Mother of Jesus)
  • Mary Puzzle (Mother of Jesus)
  • Mary Puzzle (Mother of Jesus)
Our Mother Mary jigsaw puzzles are 100% free and fun for adults and youths. If you like to puzzle and love Virgin Mary, God, Jesus Christ, Joseph, religion and Christianity, than you will definitely enjoy this game! Every level is unique and new puzzles will be added regularly! The game challenges you to slide all the puzzle pieces to the right place! Hours of fun for you and your whole family! Every picture is cut into small tiles and mixed up. Slide the puzzle pieces to the right place to create beautiful impressions of Mother Mary, mother of Jesus. The more you advance, the harder the puzzle gets! But don’t forget, the greater your collection will become! The skill levels are: • 5 levels of 3x3 jigsaw pieces • 5 levels of 4x4 jigsaw pieces • 10 levels of 5x5 jigsaw pieces • 40 levels of 6x6 jigsaw pieces Other game features are: re-shuffle, save to sd card or set pictures as wallpaper. Please rate this game if you like it and also download our other free games!

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