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Market Sensei

Market Sensei

by Claude Newman


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  • Market Sensei
  • Market Sensei

Market Sensei gives a stock's most likely low, high, opening & closing prices - daily. So you are comfortable in making your investment and trading decisions. Sensei also improves your intuition with the most fun stock training game. You can also explore the activity of interesting stocks in a more fun way. View stock predictions for each of the next 7 trading days.


  • Your Stock Market Sensei. Market Sensei answers the most important investment & trading questions. e.g Today, what is the best price to buy a stock or sell the stock? What is the reasonable return to expect? What will be the day's price range and volatility. It lets you put the odds back in your favor.
  • - 7-Day Stock Predictions. Stock Predictions for each of the next 7 days. Great for longer term stock investments or trades
  • Time machine. See our historical day & 7 day predictions as they appeared on any date! Select a date from the calendar picker to see the predictions that were given on the Sensei app for it's next trading day. See how Sensei's predictions performed for stocks in your portfolio
  • Training. Improve your intuition by quizzing yourself on real historical price charts!
  • Daily Updates. Unlike other apps, Market Sensei automatically updates with relevant analysis for the next trading day at 7:45PM EST. The update includes enhancements based on the current day's trading data to maintain superior performance.
  • Top Business News. Breaking news from top publishers like the New York Times presented in the most engaging way. Updated hourly so you don't miss any news that could affect your portfolio.
  • Stock Widget. Market Sensei's stock widget tells you at a glance the bullishness of your last searched stock and its current price. The current price updates every half an hour during trading hours. You can quickly view the realtime price by touching the widget & launching the app. Place the widget anywhere on your home-screen for easy access or even on your lock-screen if your device allows.

Market Sensei is available for all NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) & American Exchange (AMEX) listed stocks including the Standard & Poors 500 (S&P500).

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