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Mandala Coloring - For Adults

Mandala Coloring - For Adults

by Stress Relief Coloring App


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  • Mandala Coloring - For Adults
  • Mandala Coloring - For Adults
  • Mandala Coloring - For Adults
  • Mandala Coloring - For Adults
  • Mandala Coloring - For Adults

Feeling stressed out? Want to experience peace and tranquility? Mandala Coloring for Adults has a large number of mandala coloring pages with beautiful, intricately detailed mandalas for you to color. Mandalas are circular figures symbolizing the universe in Buddhism and Hinduism. Colouring these sacred circles helps you manage anxiety, relieve stress, and calm your mind.

And the best thing is that this beautiful mandala coloring app comes for FREE!

App Features:

1. This mandala coloring book has mesmerizing mandalas grouped in 3 levels – Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced. The mandalas in the 'Easy' level are lightly detailed, the ones in the 'Intermediate' level are relatively more detailed, and mandalas of the 'Advanced' level are highly detailed.

2. The color palette has loads of colors, with several shades of each color.

3. You can zoom and scroll the pictures easily using your fingers.

4. If needed, you can undo the previous coloring actions with the 'Undo' feature.

5. Once you colour any mandala, your work is automatically saved in the app. So, you never lose your work.

6. After coloring, you can download any image in your device's Gallery.

7. You can share your artwork on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Pinterest and more.

8. Inspire yourself by looking at the vibrant mandalas in the “Inspiration” section and download them if you want.

9. There's a “Help” section to help you know the usage of different operation keys.

10. All images and colors are available for free.

Nowadays, almost everyone suffers from stress and anxiety. Mandala Coloring for Adults is a delightful mandala adult coloring app to help you free your mind from all negative thoughts and become more mindful. Colouring the peaceful mandalas heals you mentally and emotionally.

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