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Mad Tower

Mad Tower

by Guan Yinghao


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Mad Tower
Mad Tower
Mad Tower
Mad Tower
Mad Tower

Mad Tower
It may be the most difficult to pass game on the world.  We will have to reach the last tower in which is an evil being that we must defeat.
This game consists of nineteen towers in total and we will have to go through all of them to reach the goal. Each of the towers hides a mystery within, and each mystery can be solved if we reach the goals.
When you enter the game, immediately into the mad state, because this game is too difficult.

Level 1: the role can even jump 2 times, try to get lotus, you will have surprises.
Level 2: To feel the length of the stick, a lot of practice.
Level 3: in the fifth game to use joker.
Level 4: Continuous access to 5 perfect, you will be pleasantly surprised.  Increasing focus is more important.
Level 5: Haha, a very difficult to play, invite your friends, the division of labor to complete.
And all the next levels, you have to work hard to study it. Ha ha ha….

The advantage of Mad Tower is that we will always play something different, so we will never get bored as we go through it. Sometimes even the best solution will be to ask a friend to help us deal with a double minigame, in which we will have to concentrate on two different parts of the screen simultaneously.