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Lullaby For Babies

Lullaby For Babies

by Fantastic Ringtones


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  • Lullaby For Babies
  • Lullaby For Babies
  • Lullaby For Babies
  • Lullaby For Babies
  • Lullaby For Babies
Dear moms, we made this Lullaby For Babies app especially for you and your baby. Babies love beautiful lullaby music, and our sleep lullabies are the most popular and most wanted by the babies. Good sleep is great for your child to grow up healthy and happy, so these relax melodies and sleep sounds will help your baby to sleep well, like an angel. Your baby will never cry with perfect lullaby relax and sleep music. No matter where on the planet you were born, your mother sang you a lullaby before sleeping. Every mom knows many sleep lullabies, and relaxing songs and every time when baby is sleepy, mom turn on lullaby lights, and holding her baby in her arms, mother softly singing the most beautiful sleepy song to her baby. These are the most beautiful moments for mother and for baby. It is like sleep music therapy. We made the best collection of lullaby music, with many nice lullaby melodies and sleepy sounds. If your baby cries a lot, choose a sweet lullaby to calm your baby. You no longer need to sing to your baby. Lullaby app will be real sleep music therapy for moms and babies. Lullaby app is perfect choice to take babies in lullaby world, to relax and sleep well. It is a perfect combination of good night melodies and the sounds babies like. Try playing lullaby music box on your mobile phone at bedtime and watch your children slowly doze off. Lullaby For Babies is a dreaming app including a variety of beautiful soothing sounds for kids for bedtime. Play beautiful music box melodies and try to make an silent night for your baby. Lullaby app will relax you and your kids. So, when is bedtime, turn on good night baby music, and say sweet dreams to your baby. Download this cool sleep pillow app and get the collection of sounds for kids for free! Beautiful relaxing music will make both you and your little kid very happy. Therefore, don't hesitate-get these amazing calming sounds now! After you explore and listen all tunes, you have an additional option to place favourite ones in the favorite folder so you can enjoy them later. If you like these free sounds there is also an option to share app with your friends and family through popular social networks, email or sms, or simply you can just use your headset to enjoy cool ringtones. Use “More apps” button at the bottom of the main menu to check out our other great ringtone apps and personalize your android device's sounds even more. Download app for free and enjoy. Features: top 20 high quality ringtones, top 50 notification sounds & sound effects, set your default ringtone, notification, sms or alarm, set your favourite ringtones, assign cool ringtones to your friends and family. Last but not least , application has been tested on many devices to ensure the best possible user experience. If you have any difficulties do not hesitate to contact us so we can correct it in the next update. Wish you all the best and lot lot of fun.

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