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Love live wallpaper

Love live wallpaper

by Alex Panferov


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Love live wallpaper
Love live wallpaper
Love live wallpaper
Love live wallpaper
Love live wallpaper

Love must be in every heart. And if you have not visited this feeling, do not despair, she will come. Just install Love live Wallpaper and do not remove them for a month and see how everything will change in your life, and you are sure to find your soul mate. To enhance the effect send a link to love live Wallpaper 20 to your friends and love will come to you necessarily.

Heart is a symbol of love since ancient times. We made a live Wallpaper in the form of rising up hearts. You can adjust the speed of the hearts, their number and size. Also you can change the background color of the live Wallpaper and make the background static or dynamic. 

Clicking on the heart, you will make it fall, and clicking on the empty space on the phone screen, you will generate a like. More likes, more love,  more good mood. The more likes, the better.
Soon 14 February. Do not forget to congratulate your loved ones on Valentine's day.  Right from the app " Love - live Wallpaper " you can send a Valentine to your loved ones and friends. To do this, you need to download the application ArtPost by clicking on the appropriate button in the application menu. 

 Love to all, happiness and goodness.