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Lost In Space

Lost In Space

by ablix


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Lost In Space
Lost In Space

The game is called Lost In Space. It's a puzzle game inspired by Lunar Lockout. Developed by two friends in their free time :)

There is a grid. One robotic alien which is the player and some comets are placed on the grid. In the middle of the grid there is a glowing red ball. Your goal is to move the player to the middle.

You do that by moving both player and comets. You can move a character only towards another character in the same row/column.

You move characters by swiping from them to the desired direction and if it's allowed they will then move when you lift your finger.
There is also another type of controls which is even easier to understand. You press on a character and then arrows pointing at the available moving directions appear near it and you press on an arrow to move the character. They can be changed through the settings screen.

The game has currently 600 levels. 300 levels on a 5x5 grid and 300 on a 7x7 grid. This should be enough for more than a few hours of gameplay, especially if the player wants to complete all the levels with the minimum amount of moves possible.