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Lord of Shapes

Lord of Shapes

by David Žákovský


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  • Lord of Shapes
  • Lord of Shapes
  • Lord of Shapes

Lord of Shapes: Endless Game and Endless Fun in one App!

Lord of Shapes is an amazing casual game that gets frustratingly-addictive the more you play it. You have 3 lanes in different colors and on each various shapes flash by. You must collect the correct shapes and also the exploding ones before damaging you for good. To do that just tap to jump on the next lane and if it is the correct shape as shown in the indicator then your score increases, otherwise you start over.

Lord of Shapes is more than a game, it is a test for your reflexes. Can you concentrate on 3 different sections at the same time and collect the right shape? The more you play it, the better reflexes you'll get.

Main features:
- Endless Gameplay. Endless number of shapes pour down on 3 different lanes and your goal is to collect the correct ones. Each lane has a certain shape indicator and once you fill that up the shape changes. Get the wrong one and GAME OVER!
- Easy Controls, Insane Difficulty. Simply tap on the lane you want to switch to and it'll do that in a split second. While the controls are dead-easy, the game is difficult as hell since your attention must span on 3 different lanes and lots of shapes.
- Awesome Powers. The better you play, the more destructive powers you get. When you are ready to release double-tap and an explosion will wipe all nearby shapes. You really become the BOMB!
- Leaderboards. Score high and you'll be able to show off your friends who's the boss when it comes to distributed attention and reflexes. Connect with Google Play Services and you'll also access the worldwide leaderboards.
- Hard as Hell
-Get the Rewards

By FuttesX.

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