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Loose Leaf

Loose Leaf

by Milestone Made


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Create photo collages the simple way! Easier to use than Photoshop! Ideas come together with Loose Leaf. You can doodle, superimpose, annotate and share without the mess. // WHAT'S TO LOVE // • Share your collages and home decor ideas on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and more • Easily superimpose pictures and see how your new living room will look • The simplest cut and paste feature • Create collages of your favorite memories There’s a reason “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Loose Leaf was made for that exact moment when pen and paper say it best. Loose Leaf is engineered to be a simple, no fuss, mobile dry erase board. It's perfect for simple drawings, diagrams, quick notes or annotations. Watch the video and find out more: https://getlooseleaf.com // FEATURES // • Unlimited pages • Easy image import • As easy as pen and paper • Scissors create moveable scraps • Sidebar scrap drawer • Ruler / protractor tool for simple shapes • Export and share ideas via major social networks • Send pages quickly to other apps • Share pages to your contacts in Loose Leaf • Simple two-finger gesture page navigation // EASY TO USE // 1 finger to draw, erase, or cut 2 fingers to move and navigate // NO HIDDEN COSTS // • No in app purchases • No subscriptions • No settings If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always send us an email at hello@getlooseleaf.com or reach out to @getlooseleaf.

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