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by Claude Newman


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Get real-time statistics of the games you have played in League of Legends, your mastery level of champions and more from LoLA. LoLA offers a simplistic and generalist view of your game play in the Rift and much more.

Know your League positions, where you belong, your ranking in the leaderboard, your win rates and how terrible (or great?) you have been.

Need information on what's happening in your region? LoLA got you covered. Using the Riot API, LoLA offers an in-depth explanation and resolution to issues that pertain to your region.

Get access to knowledge on your favorite champions and all champions in general: their tales of war, solitude, victory, vengeance, wander, lust for glory, dominion, power and more. Get to know their key strengths, stats and attributes. Understand their key strategies, abilities to be victorious in the rift.

With LoLA you can also download the skins of your favorite champions with ease.

Do you have serial accounts? Not worries, as LoLA can hold all your details for you, so you can switch seamlessly.

Get direct access to your match stats, summoner stats for any given match in any given match mode, such as the K/D/A, OBJECTIVE PLAYER SCORE, DOMINION PLAYER SCORE (for particular game modes), GOLD EARNED, CREEP SCORE in particular intervals, DAMAGE TAKEN, WARDS PLACED, etc.

Relive your match moments with LoLA match timeline, to brag to your friends (and haters) on your play skill with updates on who killed which champion, placed which wards, destroyed which tower, dragon and nexus.