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Lil Muslim - Arabic for Kids

Lil Muslim - Arabic for Kids

by Ehtesham Haider


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  • Lil Muslim - Arabic for Kids
  • Lil Muslim - Arabic for Kids
  • Lil Muslim - Arabic for Kids
  • Lil Muslim - Arabic for Kids

Quran Reading wishes you All a Very Happy and Blessed Ramadan 2016

LilMuslim is an Islamic preschool learning App for Muslim kids to learn Arabic Alphabets and Islamic Duas in a unique and fun way with two book levels. 

LilMuslim is an interactive way to let your child learn the Islamic alphabets and Islamic Duas via enriched graphics and user friendly UI that never lags and keeps the child amusement intact. The game consists two easy-go- through phases, which are further divided into their respective levels.

Book 1: Learn Arabic Alphabets

The focus of book one is completely on helping kids to learn Arabic Alphabets through following fun encapsulated levels:

Level One: In this level, kids learn to recognize each Quranic/Arabic Alphabet with proper pronunciation. The kids have to pop balloons that contain the right alphabet.

Level Two: The second level teaches Arabic Qaida sequence to the kids. Kids have to shoot the moving objects on the wheel containing the hinted alphabet.

Level Three: It is the advanced learning level of the game where kids have to recognize Arabic alphabets without any visual hint.

Note - In order to go to next level, the kid has to fully pass or complete the previous one.

Book 2: Learn Kids Dua

Book 2 is the extension of Book 1 except that it imparts the learning of Kids Dua for Muslim kids with Mp3 Audio and attractive animations. It further consists of two parts:

Part One: Part one comprises first 17 levels which help in Learning significant Muslim Kids Dua with the help of interactive Puzzles.

Part Two: Rest of the levels have quiz to test the learning of Kids through banner identification with the Islamic Duas that pop on screen.

Why LilMuslim Game?
Parents do not find enough time to teach their kids regarding the basics of Quran and its teachings, for such parents this App is quite a relief, which is easy to play and fun to learn.

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