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Learn Arabic For Kids: FREE

Learn Arabic For Kids: FREE

by AppsMa


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  • Learn Arabic For Kids: FREE
  • Learn Arabic For Kids: FREE
  • Learn Arabic For Kids: FREE
  • Learn Arabic For Kids: FREE
  • Learn Arabic For Kids: FREE
Do you want you kids to learn Arabic? Sure, learning a new language can be difficult, especially if you don't know the language yourself, but today's modern technology makes it easier than ever for people to learn. Children pick up languages quickly, and with our new Android app, Learn Arabic for Kids, they'll be speaking it in no time! Learn Arabic for kids is great for teaching Arabic to beginners by images and sounds. We've got all they will need to acquire the basics. Pronunciation is obviously a big factor when learning a language, so the program focuses a lot on correct Arabic pronunciation of the words presented. What do kids learn first in English? The alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors, are learned first, of course! Our app teaches these, along with words that apply to the everyday world. Words for this include the days of the week, months of the year, and fruits and vegetables. Kids are also really responsive when animals are involved, so these are included in this app as well. Teaching Arabic for kids will be easier than you thought! With this great app, your children will soon have a good foundation of the language when they start to learn Arabic. It's a fun and colorful way to reach them. This is a great way to start teaching Arabic to your kids today! ✔ MAIN FEATURES ☼ Teach the Arabic pronunciation of the alphabet correctly. ☼ Teach the Arabic pronunciation of numbers from 0 to 20 correctly and clearly. ☼ Teach the Arabic colors and geometric shapes. ☼ Teach the Arabic months and days of the week. ☼ Teach the Arabic pronunciation of vegetables and fruits. ☼ Teach the Arabic pronunciation of animal names. ☼ Teach the Arabic pronunciation of body parts names.. ☼ The application does not require an Internet connection. ☼ Compatible with android smartphones and tablets. If you like the app, please rate it

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