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Large X Calculator

Large X Calculator

by App Scoop LTE


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  • Large X Calculator
  • Large X Calculator
  • Large X Calculator
Large X Calculator simple beautiful calculator inspired by the Phone calculator but with added It is designed to replace the rather lame stock calculator with a calculator that looks great while retaining ease of use and intuitive design. Calculator is designed to meet all of your calculating needs! ***Calculator Features*** *Simple, accurate calculator: Leave the calculator in portrait view to see just a simple calculator, or turn the calculator on its side to reveal a scientific calculator *Calculator Skins: Calculator v.3.0 now supports changing of skins to change the look and feel of the calculator. Choose between and array of different skins to match your favorite phone OS including iOS, HTC Sense and Samsung Galaxy. Also if there is a certain skin you would like to see made for you, don't hesitate to send an email! *Different calculator layouts: Choose between 3 different calculator layouts. 1) Default Layout for a standard 10-key calculator in portrait mode and scientific calculator in landscape. 2) Business Layout adds a '%' key in portrait mode and a '00' key. 3) Simple Layout keeps the 10-key calculator in both portrait and landscape mode when all you need is a simple calculator. *Memory Buttons- Fully functional 'M+', 'M-', 'MR' and 'MC' calculator buttons. Calculator will remember the value stored in it even if you leave the app. *Landscape calculator: Turn your phone on its side to reveal a scientific calculator with advanced functions like square root, exponents, factorials and more. *Trig calculator: The landscape calculator even features full support for trigonometric functions. Calculator can take Sin, Cos, Tan, inverse trig, and hyperbolic functions and can calculate in both Radian and degree mode. Great for use in algrebra and other math classes. *Calculator looks great from the smallest to the largest screens as well as low and high density screens. Calculator also works on the Galaxy Tab! *App2SD- You can install Calculator to your SD card if using Android 2.2+

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