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Kids Preschool Education Fun

Kids Preschool Education Fun

by OceanTree


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  • Kids Preschool Education Fun
  • Kids Preschool Education Fun
  • Kids Preschool Education Fun
  • Kids Preschool Education Fun
  • Kids Preschool Education Fun
  • Kids Preschool Education Fun
“Kids Preschool Education Fun” game is a fun based activity game for children. If you are searching for educational games for kids’ kindergarten, then you will surely enjoy this game. Among latest best educational games of 2016 for Kids, the Preschool Education stands out due to its fun words and making kids learn at school. The game begins with an attractive home screen that introduces the kid to the game and also informs them about the enemies viz. different birds they are going to encounter while on the way. Along with there are friends in the form of various fruits , shapes and colors. If you hit an enemy, then you are out of the game! Tap on play to start the game. The game begins with a kids theme and beautiful music played in the background, with a default color board loaded on a roller that moves as you press the accelerator button on the right bottom of the screen. As you collect various fruits , shapes , colors, you get more points and the name of the fruit or shape or color also is voiced out in the background and also spelt on the screen. Once you gain enough points, you can go shop for a bag or a pencil by exchanging your points for the item purchased from the game shop. The game over screen displays the final score and the best score along with a replay button and a share button as well. Download today this fun game and learn the spelling with racing.

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