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Kids Coloring Book

Kids Coloring Book

by GoodSoftTech


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  • Kids Coloring Book
  • Kids Coloring Book
  • Kids Coloring Book
  • Kids Coloring Book
We are pleased to announce the release of Interactive Kids Coloring Book! Kids Coloring Book is a great game for everybody. You can color pages and draw your own images and lines to change pictures in the way you imagine. Your Kids ages one to five will enjoy filling in the coloring pages with this fun painting app. Thanks to animated interactive stickers your kids will have a lot of fun. Are you looking for an coloring book for kids? Would you like to improve kids manual skills? Are you interested in giving you toddlers a game which will improve their imagination and creativity? Have you been looking for great pictures and drawings that can be created and colored? If so, you have found what you were looking for! Nice coloring pages. ★★★★★ Brilliant fun My daughter loves it. ☺ ★★★★★ Fun My son loves the air planes n fire trucks plus all the other features ★★★★★ Love it! So, yes, I am an adult but I use this app for myself. Coloring is a way for me to relieve stress, and it looks weird to carry crowns and and coloring book around with me, so this app is the perfect substitute! Being parents too we know how important it is to have the right applications installed for our kids to use. Before we started working on Kids Coloring Book were using many different applications but nothing we found fully met our expectations. It helps kids develop motor skills and learn color combinations. Coloring pages will help your kids learn animal names. Interactive Kids Coloring Book is an application that works fast! It will please kids of all ages, thanks to the richness of colors which magically appear at the touch of the screen. When you paint a line there is no delay. When you are filling in shapes, it fills right up to the lines you have just painted and works just as well on the many pre loaded pictures and drawing available. You can easily erase at anytime if you need to correct something. You can also save a picture and continue it at a later time. So Install Kids Coloring Book today and see how quick and easy it is to use! Have fun with our coloring pages. Your child can choose pictures from following categories: 1. Princess 2. Animal 3. People 4. Car 5. Face 6. Easter Holidays 7. Plane 8. Police cars, fire trucks and fireman 9. Ocean full of fishes and othre creatures And others. Please remember to be a responsible parent. You should not overuse this app. Kids love games and it can keep kids busy all day long. As parents we know that it is tempting however it is better way. - Spend some time together with your child coloring make a card and sent it over an email your family. - Discuss with your kid what is on the image, what kind of animal is it, where does it live or why plane fly. - Most of all, have lots of fun together with your infant with this creative colorings - Create your own coloring pages and pictures - Draw any shapes which your toddler loves and paint it - You can teach your child write letters and numbers - You can teach your child colors and shapes

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