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Kekotukos: Origins

Kekotukos: Origins

by Kekotukos


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  • Kekotukos: Origins
  • Kekotukos: Origins
  • Kekotukos: Origins
  • Kekotukos: Origins
  • Kekotukos: Origins
  • Kekotukos: Origins
  • Kekotukos: Origins
  • Kekotukos: Origins

Leave planet Tukon with the Tukos, travel to Earth, and meet Keko! Go on a fun adventure with these charming aliens during their first visit. Help Keko teach them how to live here and go with them on a search for their missing friend.

Become a pilot in a spaceship, play hide and seek at midnight, explore dense forests and mysterious paths, solve tricky riddles, learn how to play piano or cook delicious dishes!

A fun story told through 12 amusing mini games designed for the entire family.

Find out what happened during Keko’s first adventure with the Tukos on Earth, and relive each of their adventures over and over through their 12 completely different games.

Adults may join in the fun approaching it as an interactive tale, or choose to leave the little ones to play by themselves. Day by day, they’ll improve the important skills they must develop during their first years, such as motricity, visual discrimination, cognition and logic.


Passive learning


Kekotukos Origins will grow along the children and adapt to their capacities from day one. This will allow to draw the right  learning curve to each case, automatically adjusting the difficulty of the mini games, and evolving with the kid’s progressive improvement. Adults will be able to check statistics about the evolution of the children’s capacities.


Main Features


  • Lots of content and different game mechanics

  • 12 completely different mini games

  • Adaptative difficulty

  • No textual content

  • Positive reinforcement

  • Learning through an alter ego

  • Real time reports for parents

  • No in-app purchases

  • No third party ads

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