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Jigsaw puzzles for kids

Jigsaw puzzles for kids

by GoodSoftTech


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  • Jigsaw puzzles for kids
  • Jigsaw puzzles for kids
  • Jigsaw puzzles for kids
Puzzles for everybody. Hundreds of pictures to assemble, all the fun in one click. » unlimited number of pictures » 5 levels of difficulty » jigsaw puzzles with amazing graphics » app that teaches cognitive skills, fine motor skills, patience and ability to focus » pictures categories: planes, cars, hot air balloons, animals, dogs, cats, firetrucks, fire engines, dragons, aliens, ponies, horses, bulldozers, trains, knights, princesses, spaceships, dolphins, boats and many many more Looking for an ideal application for kids, the parents usually consider the visual aspect of the game. It is worth remembering, though, that the app we’ve just downloaded should have other values as well, mainly the educative ones that allow the child to develop quickly and on many levels. A perfect mix of visual aspects and educative value is our newest jigsaw puzzle game titled Kids jigsaw puzzles free. Can you believe that thanks to this free game app your child will be prepared to learn how to read and write, but will also be able to develop mathematical, technical and motor skills? The research shows that the time spent on solving jigsaw puzzles develops skills that allow children to have a good start in kindergarten or at school. Playing with such puzzles since the very young age is an ideal way for a child to develop analytical skills and the ability to visually synthesize a problem. Moreover, assembling jigsaw puzzles has a beneficial influence on the development of child’s brain, as, while playing with puzzles, the child work on their analytical skills and the ability to focus, thus developing cognitive skills. There’s never too early for jigsaw puzzles! Kids Jigsaw Puzzles Free is an ideal game for all the toddlers and young children who are simply in love with assembling jigsaw puzzles. It is also a perfect solution for the parents, who are tired with constant taking out and clearing after their child playing with puzzles. Our free game is an incredibly colorful game for children of all ages, which invites them into the underwater world of adventures. But Kids Jigsaw Puzzles Free is not just a game – we decided to focus here on giving the young players the chance to learn. Through solving puzzles, the kids learn new manual skills, especially the eye-hand coordination. Moreover, the children can improve their visual perception and attention to details. Thanks to the fact that the puzzles are not always the easiest to solve, any kid will learn patience and persistence. It is a perfect idea for all the kids who want to play with jigsaw puzzles and for their parents, who are tired of cleaning the pieces, looking for the missing elements and consoling their children after the missing element is not found. Now your child can play as much as they wish, and there’s no mess to clean afterwards! This children game is suitable for even the youngest of players – toddlers will have no problem with solving the puzzle on the easiest level of difficulty (that has only 6 elements), whereas for the older children the game difficulty will be challenging enough with up to 20 element jigsaw puzzles. Best features of Kids Jigsaw Puzzles Free: ·0 many colorful pictures to choose from ·1 planes, cars, hot air balloons, animals, dogs, cats, firetrucks, fire engines, dragons, aliens, ponies, horses, bulldozers, trains, knights, princesses, spaceships, dolphins, boats and many many more ·2 the possibility to choose a picture from your device’s gallery ·3 various levels of jigsaw puzzles difficulty ·4 interactive and animated background that will surprise you upon clicking

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