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Jewel Quest HD - Match 3

Jewel Quest HD - Match 3

by Tài Tấn


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Jewel Quest HD - Match 3
Jewel Quest HD - Match 3
Jewel Quest HD - Match 3

Jewel Quest 2016 - Match 3 is an amazing match-3 puzzle classic game. There are many crazy puzzles that are created from beautiful jewel gems. It's an addictive game for everyone.

You will be charmed with luxury gems and ton of combo but timing is rushing right now
Gameplay is absolutely simple to suit even to kids. Just swap and match 3 or more same jewels to eliminate them, try to make more combos.

It's simple, but once you play, you will find it very challenge. Up level up challenge! Spend your time to get the charm of game, Charm King.
◆◆◆ Gameplay of Jewels Quest Mania
☆ Crush to match three or more same diamond in a line
☆ Smash jewel next to destroy locked, frozen ice or petrified puzzles 
☆ Smash all obstacles of puzzle having a jewel star ruby appear. Move Jewel Star to bottom to pass level.
☆ Breaking all obstacles fast as possible to get high score and share it with your friend
◆◆◆ Features of Jewel Quest
- Jewel quest have two modes: Classic and Arcade
- Arcade mode: 199 well-designed levels in different worlds
- Amazing stunning magical effects (such blast mania, lighting splash, boom explosion)
- Easy and fun to start but a challenge to fully master
- Match 4 same jewels to create boom pop item
- Match 5 or more jewels quest to create a multicolour Bejeweled blitz
- Boom pop: eliminate 9 jewels around
- Blast pop: eliminate all diamonds gems in one same line
- Bejeweled blitz: link it to any sapphire gem to eliminate all sapphires same type on puzzle map, big jam jewel
- Time pop: destroy it to increase time for you
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Thanks for playing Jewel Quest!
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