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by bitstrap


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Irrational - Think you knew numbers? Think again! We all know about that special number pi…It’s just 3.14 right? We thought so too, but being a bit curious, we looked into pi some more after finding about pi day (yes there is a day celebrating pi). As it turns out, pi is irrational. That means pi is a real number that cannot be expressed as a ratio of integers or represented by terminating or repeating decimals. So for filthy plebs like us, it’s a number that goes on infinitely! In irrational you have stop the counter on the correct digit as you progress further along geekdom and memorise an increasing number of digits for these infinitely long numbers. We give you no hints and no help whatsoever, as you frustratingly test your knowledge and speed to see how many digits of pi and other irrational numbers you can remember. Unlock facts that you can impress people with at parties (you know, those cool maths parties...), and proudly share with the world how clever you are by saying you actually know more that the first 3 digits of pi. We’ve noted down the world records as part of the fun and weird facts relating to each irrational number in the game so you can find out how inferior you are to some of the dedicated nerds out there! Upcoming features include: • Background animations to spruce up the game screen. • Time trial mode where you race against the clock to see how far you can go. • More difficulty modes to challenge the geekier players. • More fun facts. • More irrational numbers. Bitstrap is composed of a couple of British guys who think they’re smarter than they actually are, more talented than they actually are and funnier than they actually are. Irrational is their second game, the first being Manic Meltdown which was, and remains to this day, a terrible blight upon the Google Play Store.

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