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Iron War Tank Battle

Iron War Tank Battle

by afuffstudio


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  • Iron War Tank Battle
  • Iron War Tank Battle
  • Iron War Tank Battle
  • Iron War Tank Battle
Get ready for modern tank warfare in this war tank game. Iron War Tank Battle brings you a new feature of modern tank battle and in simulation 3D environment. Experience the blitz of war in a battlefield of tank warfare. In Iron War Tank Battle, you are commander in an elite tank division. You primary objective is to destroy enemy front line defense which is heavily guarded by a group of elite iron force tank defender. Your iron tank has the same toughness amour with your enemy force. Lead your heavy iron war force into the battlefield and destroy enemy tanks in various places like desert field and may more. There are 3 levels than you must complete and the higher you are the difficulty will increase. You will not only combat with other war tank but you also will be heavily bombarded with fighter aircraft with their missiles and gunship helicopter. Be extra caution with apache helicopter attack, they are the deadliest gunship fighter coming from skies. Their famous apache gunship reputation gain from being the top of tank destroyer. With heavy enemy attack from both air and land you will feel the blitz of war tank terror. This tank battle game is more like a simulation 3D shooting tank, which you require to target and attack enemy tank. This modern warfare of tank is packed with stunning graphic background that take place in savannah green glass field, desert dry field and oasis environment. Operation desert storm are the most difficult war campaign to conquer. Your iron machine are hard to function in desert situation, this make your tank very hard to move in the desert. Even your soldier will have difficult time to fight in hot and dusty weather. Iron is one of the toughest metals that can withhold fire power from anti-tank weapon. Your Iron tanks are specially designed for battle especially in field of desert, savannah or oasis. Organize a systematic war plan to win your battle war of tank and be the hero of your country. You can shoot and destroy all tanks but do not shoot your medic vehicle tank that drop you emergency supply aid for you to heal damages. As a commander of an elite tank force your task is to stop enemy tank from invading your territory and to lead your ground force to victory in this epic tank war. Feel your adrenaline rush as you enter the world of tank war. Iron War Tank Battle feature include: * Stunning graphic Background * Destroy enemy tank to gain point * Easy and smooth control and shooting tanks * Modern warfare using tank force. * Compete with friends and be the top tank destroyer. * Destroy final enemy boss to be victorious in the tank war campaign. * Must destroy enemy bases to advance in a new level. For a new age of tank war download Iron Tank War Battle now to feel the real world war of tank. Built an indestructible force of tank that sealed with an iron will. Built a might modern tank, bring to war to create havoc and total annihilation to your opponent. Commander gathers your troops and ready for world war tank. Good Luck.

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