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Iron Adventure Run

Iron Adventure Run

by ChuChuGame


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  • Iron Adventure Run
  • Iron Adventure Run
* IRON ADVENTURE RUN * Iron Adventure Run is very interesting running game, addictive endless running game challenging your reflexes. Simple game mechanics are enriched with a mythical plot full of secrets and intrigue. Iron man run and jump fantasy and attack to collect keys. There are a lot of challenges, you can discover it. More bonus with many features will make you happy. Enjoy the adventurous run, you need to reach the other side of the tunnel. The cave is filled with obstacles and traps. Don't let your Iron man run to touch the obstacles - spikes can stab Iron man to the end of game! grab all the coins; dodge the obstacles, run, jump, and glide for a non-stop run! Just do anything to keep him alive. So let's get started now! Run and become the top runner! Run until you are a Super Record Run! ★★★★★ Main Features: • Addictive scenario • Intuitive touch controls • Can throw unlimited number of screws • 300 collectible items to be gathered while passing your quests: Ramps, Obstacles, Tunnels, Coins and more! • Great sound effects throughtout the game • Huge variety of obstacles. • Dozens of perilous traps and fun Obstacles • A lot of missions • Freedom of movement! Iron Run! Iron dodge! Iron jump! Iron roll! Iron fly! • Cute Game Character(anime style Boy) • ANIME BOY RUNNER have essential elements for Run Game • 3D fantasy game play and beauty run • Original 3D-run function combines jumping, turning, and sliding. • Touch game exciting and Fun play! • Crazy run achievements. • Lots of acrobatic maneuvers • Fantastic 3D environment! • Multiple game modes: Awesome challenge, Adventure and our favourite Endless Survival! • Power ups: Coin magnet, Shield, Continue Keys, Coin doubler, Score Multiplier • Totally free. • FREE: now and forever! ★★★★★ How to Run with Iron man? • Duck - Swipe down • Left - Swipe left • Right - Swipe right • Jump - Swipe upwards • Double jump - Swipe upwards twice • Throw ball - Tap • Use "life" gem to continue from where you died. Install Iron Adventure Run today. It's FREE!

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