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insta face mix

insta face mix

by Bhuvana Deepa


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insta face mix
insta face mix
insta face mix

Insta Face Mix is a great face changer app with robots and animal face.

Insta Face Mix app is a face changer app which will help you add robot and animal face to any photo face with different options like half animal, half robot face and another half human face, full human face covering animal and robot face with light shade so that both the faces visible in single photo.

Insta Face Mix is a great fun entertainment face morphing app where you can mix human face with animal, robot face or animal face with another robot or animal face to have fun.

Insta Face Mix Mix is very easy to use, all you need to do is just select a photo from gallery or take a pic using camera and select animal photo or robot face which you want to morph with and arrange both the faces equally to obtain desired picture.

You can create funny morphed faces using Insta Face Mix app and you can save and share these funny images.