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Image to Word

Image to Word

by Sandra Gomez


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Image to Word
Image to Word
Image to Word

Image to Word is a state of the art mobile app converter. In July 2016 Cometdocs Inc has released the 3rd version, which included the new user interface, integrated importing services and several other new features. It is safe to say that Image to Word is a step ahead of its competitors the least. If you ever need to convert an image,screenshot or photo , this should be your go-to choice.

Image to Word is free to download on both AppStore and Google Play Store. It is rare to see unlimited file size and unlimited number of conversions offered in many free apps, but those are just some of the great features Image to Word prides itself on.

Given that the app has an exceptional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine, you can convert both native images and photos with superb quality outcome. Converted documents are optimized to be edited and reused with your app of choice. Files usually end up converted in under a minute.

Converted files are saved in .docx format. All the parts of the image will look the same in the new Word file, including layouts, tables, and text. Since the conversion is done on our servers, the original file is deleted from the server in the next 24 hours for your safety.

Check out Image to Word and feel free to download it on your iOS and Android devices.